How it all began

«Once upon a time, there was an old bookshop half hidden away behind two cherry blossom trees in a backstreet in Paris. Its bookshelves were crammed with all sorts and sizes of books and a pleasant smell of old pages greeted the visitors who stepped in. One day…»

That’s how it all began. Some of those books are now on my bookshelves and whenever I leaf through one of them I feel at home, even after all these years.

Stories are the best way to freeze time. Word by word, stories reveal to us the path that leads to our own secret garden and show us how we can get there whenever we need. Stories are what makes us human.

Informazioni su Elisabetta Orlandi Storyteller_Il Castello delle Fiabe

Storytelling e formazione
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  1. Leslie P ha detto:

    Great blog I enjoyeed reading

    Piace a 1 persona


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